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Personal Savings

At First Personal Bank®, you can choose from a variety of savings plans to meet your personal financial needs. Whether you are saving for short-term or long-term goals, you will enjoy competitive interest rates, flexibility, and FDIC insurance.

Passbook Savings

This traditional account is the favorite of savers. With a low minimum balance requirement of only $100 and daily interest compounding, it is the ideal way to start building for your financial future. And with all of your deposits and withdrawals printed in your passbook, you will always have a convenient record of your financial transactions.

Statement Savings

This account is especially suited for you if you prefer the convenience of accessing your savings funds with an ATM card. Depending on your account activity, you will receive a monthly or quarterly easy-to-read statement listing all of your transactions and your account balance. Of course, interest is compounded daily, and your minimum balance requirement is only $100.

Money Market Account

If you want easy access to your funds as well as current market interest rates, the Money Market Account is right for you. The higher your balance, the higher your rate, and you don't have to tie your money up for any set time period. With interest compounded daily and varying according to market conditions, all you need is $2,000 in our money market account to start earning more for your money. And for a minimum balance of $10,000 or $25,000, you can earn an even higher rate of interest.

Certificate Savings

To guarantee a high interest rate for a set period of time, choose one of our certificate accounts. For your special savings needs, you can select from a variety of terms. In addition, you can take advantage of special account features with our promotional certificates. Most important, with a guaranteed interest rate and the security of FDIC insurance, you never have to worry about the earnings or safety of your certificate savings.

Holiday Savings

Holidays are more enjoyable when you can give special gifts to special people. With a Holiday Savings Account, you can put money aside during the year, so that you will have it for the holidays. You don't even have to withdraw it - we'll send you a check automatically at the end of October, just in time for your holiday shopping.

Kids' Cash

Saving money should be fun, and with Kids' Cash it is. Younger savers get daily compounded interest. It's the perfect way to develop a savings habit that will last a lifetime!

For special promotions and current interest rates, contact your First Personal Banker today.

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