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Consumer Loans

Home Equity Loans

Whether you choose a fixed-rate Home Equity Loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit, you will have an inexpensive way to borrow for home improvements, debt consolidation, vacations, education, and more.

A fixed-rate Home Equity Loan provides you with your loan proceeds up-front and a level payment that protects you from rising interest rates. Our Home Equity Line of Credit offers a variable interest rate and is easily accessed by writing a check.

Personal Loans

We offer Personal Loans that may be unsecured or secured and customized based upon your indivdual circumstances.

Auto Loans

A First Personal Bank® auto loan can be the key to that new or used auto. You'll find fast service, competitive rates, simple interest, and a variety of financing terms.

To apply for a consumer loan or for more information, call a Consumer Loan Specialist today.

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