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Other Commercial Services

Merchant Card Services

At First Personal Bank®, we offer the services you need to provide your customers with various forms of payment. In addition, our credit and debit card processing services will help you put your funds to work as quickly as possible...a critical advantage today.

  • Increase Your Sales Merchant Cards
    Credit card acceptance increases your customers' purchasing power. Rather than being limited to the money in their checking account, your customer can extend their purchasing power with ease and convenience.
  • Lower Your Risk
    The authorization you receive when your customer presents his or her card tells you that the accountholder has the capacity and authority to handle the transaction. While you're making it easier for your customer to make a purchase, you'll also receive your funds more quickly and eliminate the work associated with collecting accounts receivable.
  • Enjoy Fast, Convenient Payment Processing
    With our Merchant Services Program, transactions are processed and deposited electronically so that the funds are available to you the next business day. You receive a clear, easy-to-read statement each month, with details of all your card activity, account deposits, etc.

To learn more about credit and debit card processing at First Personal Bank, call a Commercial Lending Specialist today.

Business Check Card

Imagine an account that lets you write a check, access over 1.7 million ATM's worldwide and provides 29 million places to shop hassle-free. First Personal's new VISA® Check Card combines your ATM card and checking account all into one. It gives you unlimited access to your account with or without a check. In addition, business owners can authorize multiple card users and pre-set individual spending limits.

If your Debit Card is lost/stolen please call your branch during normal business hours. If you are trying to report a lost or stolen card after bank hours, weekends or holidays, you may call the Hot Card Service Number at 800-472-3272.

Business Owners Receive Your Business Check Card Discounts

Enroll in VISA® SavingsEdge for FREE:

Your current First Personal Bank VISA® card can save your business money. After you enroll and receive enrollment confirmation, simply make qualifying purchases with your enrolled First Personal Bank VISA® card at participating merchants. You’ll get automatic discounts that will appear as credits on future account statements.

Enroll your card for free in Visa® SavingsEdge today at

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