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The Resources to Grow

When business opportunities arise, you need to act quickly. We will provide you with the resources to take advantage of these opportunities - just as quickly. We are creative and will help you turn opportunities into reality.

We can provide you with personalized commercial banking services that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. We offer loans and services for every type of business structure and for almost any type of need. We want to understand you and your business, and we will work with you to become your business partner. So, consider First Personal Bank for...

Lines of Credit

The key advantage to a First Personal Bank line of credit is flexibility. With a revolving line of credit, you decide when to draw on the loan, when to repay all or part of your principal balance, and when to access the loan again. A line of credit is ideal for working capital or any type of short-term cash needs.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial mortgages are available to help you buy, build, or refinance commercial real estate. We provide financing for the acquisition, development, or the improvement of commercial properties, including multi-family or multi-use real estate. Regardless of your need, First Personal Bank can structure a mortgage to accommodate you.

Commercial Term Loans

First Personal Bank offers a wide array of lending options to help you grow your business. Whether you need to finance new equipment or acquire additional machinery to increase productivity, we can customize loan terms to meet your special needs.

To arrange a commercial loan or simply to learn more about our affordable alternatives, call a Commercial Loan Specialist today.

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